Intelligent IVR Technology

The Evolution of Intelligent IVR Technology

Traditionally a call centre IVR has required the user to select buttons on their phone to help the contact centre route the calls to the right department (e.g. Press 1 for sales, Press 2 for Service) however new Intelligent IVR technology is changing the way contact centres can identify the type of call and then provide suitable solutions to resolve the call. 

And in many instances, this no longer involves having to speak to a live agent. Using a range of new IVR technology, many calls can be resolved without the need for any human intervention enabling customers to self-serve and substantially reduce the costs required to provide customer support. 

And when automation is involved without the need for human interaction, it also allows support to be provided 24/7 further improving the customer experience. 

Types of Intelligent IVR Technology

There are already numerous types of intelligent IVR solutions available to contact centre managers including: 

  • Natural Language IVR - enables the customer to interact with an IVR without being constrained by set options or responses e.g "In a few words, tell us the reason for your call"
  • Visual IVR - enabling you to transition customers from a website or mobile browser/app to the call centre in a more personalised and efficient manner 

Intelligent IVRs can use other technology including voice/speech analytics, voice biometrics, artificial intelligence (AI) and can be either stand-alone or can integrate with other call centre and customer management technology like CRM systems

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