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Improve efficiency with a Call Centre IVR

A call centre IVR (aka Integrated Voice Response) is widely known as that annoying prompt to choose a number at the start of your call to a business that enables them to 'connect you to the right department'. Press 1 to speak to sales, Press 2 to speak to service and so on. 

So if a call centre IVR is so annoying to customers why do companies keep using them? 

Call centres are often complex business units consisting of a range of employees with varying levels of skills, experience and expertise. By using a call centre IVR to understand more about why a customer is calling, call centres can connect the customer to the most appropriately skilled agent.

This results in a better customer experience as the customer can talk to someone best qualified to support them with call centre efficiency benefits including reduced transfers, reduced talk time and reduced callbacks. 

How does a call centre IVR work?

Most call centre IVRs use what is called DTMF tones - touch tones from a telephone - that require the customer to press a button on their mobile phone or landline to tell the IVR what their selection is. Based on the selection by the customer, that call is then routed to the most appropriately skilled agent or queue. 

But of course, modern technology has now provided a lot more options. Customers can now make a selection just using their voice using Voice Recognition/Speech Recognition technology or just say what they want without even being offered a menu (known as Natural Language IVR) and based on their responses, the system will direct the customer to the right queue without any need to press a button.

And it's not always necessary to connect the customer to a live agent or queue. Call centres can often handle/respond to a customer enquiry without the need to even speak to a live agent.

For example, a customer could call a bank and request a bank balance. Using a combination of DTMF, voice recognition technology and even voice biometrics, the customer could be provided with their bank balance without any need for human intervention. 

Where can I get a call centre IVR?

The suppliers listed below provide call centre IVR technology enabling you to practically build your own call centre IVR using their software/dashboards and have it connect to the right queues etc.

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