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The freedom of contact centre wireless headsets

They say sitting is the new smoking and if there is one occupation that tends to be sitting all day its contact centre agents. 

New wireless headsets for contact centre agents enable them to get up and move about without having a cable literally tying them to a desk. But asides from the physical benefits of being able to get up and move about,  studies have shown that agents who use wireless contact centre headsets are also more engaged. 

Types of wireless contact centre headsets

There is really two key types of technology that is used in wireless headsets:


Most people today would be familiar with Bluetooth technology in their personal lives and this technology is popular as it enables you to connect your headset to multiple devices e.g. your mobile phone and your computer. Whilst it can be used in a contact centre environment, it is typically more suited to a consumer setting.


Digital Electronic Cordless Telephone technology (DECT) is highly stable and secure and is widely used in the contact centre environment. DECT technology has a number of key benefits including:

  • Long-range (up to 100 metres)
  • Great audio quality
  • Highly secure using encryption
  • International Standard (meaning you are not locked into proprietary software)

Like normal contact centres, there are also different styles in wireless contact centre headsets in how you can wear them - over one ear, two ears etc. 

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