Using Technology for Call Centre Quality Assessment

Call Centre Quality Assessment Technology

Most contact centre platforms are great at measuring call statistics, such as the number of calls, average call duration, maximum call, and so on, but when it comes to quality, there is little to no information. 

Improving your call centre quality performance has numerous benefits including reduced call volumes and calls that are shorter in duration, improved customer satisfaction, improved compliance, and improved efficiency for the call centre.

But improving call centre quality is not an easy thing to do!

Training, coaching, available information, clear KPIs, technology, job descriptions, processes and so on all contribute to delivering a quality customer experience.

Unfortunately, there is no magic technology that can fix all of those things (refer to a list of call centre consultants who can help >), but modern contact centre technology platforms can assist in improving quality in a couple of key ways which we have outlined below.

Call Centre Quality Scorecards

Call centre quality scorecards are used by a team leader or quality assessor to score the quality of a call.

The quality scorecard is normally attached to the call so each call assessed will have a quality score, and you can then get average scores for each agent, teams and across the whole centre. 

Call centre agent performance scorecards typically also include hard metrics like the number of calls answered, average talk time, longest calls, total sales, etc., rather than just quality scores.

The vendors below offer quality scorecards and/or performance scorecards that are typically built into the call centre platform. This ensures that all your data is easily accessible and connected to call recordings, agent records, etc.

This makes it much easier when coaching, for example, when you can bring up the call and the associated quality score and sit down with an agent to go through it. 

In some instances, the vendors will provide templates already containing common quality metrics, which is a great head start. Most call centre quality scorecard software will enable you to completely configure all the metrics and templates to align with your own quality program. 

Using Speech Analytics for QA

Speech analytics technology offers an innovative solution for quality assurance, helping businesses monitor, analyse, and improve their contact centre operations.

Traditional quality assurance methods often involve manually reviewing a small sample of calls, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors.

Speech analytics automates this process, enabling the review of 100% of interactions. This comprehensive analysis ensures that quality assurance processes are thorough and accurate.

There is also a host of other benefits in using speech analytics to improve quality >

Looking for an independent assessment of your calls? 

We offer an independent assessment of your calls against the Australian Call Centre Quality Standards where you can just send in the call recordings to us for assessment. 

This provides you with Voice of the Customer Insights that can be a valuable addition to any internal quality assessments you conduct. Learn more about our Customer Service Benchmarking >

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