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If you're looking for Virtual Assistants in India we've just added a whole new category on our popular business directory making it even easier to find the support you need for your business. 

Using Virtual Assistants in India can save you significant money as compared to using similar services in Australia - typically between 35% to 65% cheaper and they often come with plenty of experience and high qualifications. 

Virtual Assistants are typically individuals who you will work directly with to help with your business functions. Virtual Assistants can perform a variety of tasks including customer support, bookkeeping, administration, marketing, social media management and lots more. 

If you have larger volumes (as Virtual Assistants typically can only handle as much as one person's workload), we suggest you search in the Back office outsourcers in India category where they can handle much large volumes as well as potentially adding automation etc that can deliver additional cost savings to your business.

To find an Indian Virtual assistant to help your business, just search through the list below or use the filters to narrow the results by specific skills. 

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