Workplace Training Providers in Australia

A List of Workplace Training Providers in Australia that specialise in Customer Service, CX & Sales training

Investing in your employees is one of the most powerful ways to improve efficiency, increase employee engagement and deliver a great customer experience. 

There are a number of training organisations in Australia who specialise in workplace training, from large training through to individual boutique trainers who can customise a program to perfectly suit your requirements based on their unique skillset. 

Given the diverse nature of businesses in Australia, there is an equally diverse range of training courses and programs. From how to build rapport with customers, handling objections and managing difficult customers, how to have quality conversations, resilience, how to improve sales conversions, voice control, email customer service, live chat customer service and more!

You can either engage a trainer to focus on a specific skill or there are trainers who can run a complete program that will ensure your employees are equipped with all the necessary skills to succeed. 

There are some great training courses designed for leaders - from specialised courses like contact centre fundamentals, Customer Experience (CX) Management through to team building, leadership and lots more.

Most workplace training companies will have publicly available course options in the main capital cities such Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane etc but as well as the publicly available courses, most training providers will also offer private training courses (aka in-house training) that can be conducted on your own premises saving travel costs, room hire etc so they can often be more cost-effective.

And naturally, in a post-covid era, many of the courses are available online, typically delivered live via ZOOM or Microsoft Teams.

If you'd like to see a list of all the upcoming industry training courses specifically for contact centres, customer service, customer experience (CX) and workforce optimisation, visit the Australian Customer Experience Professionals Association Events Calendar 

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