A list of specialist call centre technology consultants

Call Centre Technology Consultants

Whilst technology has always played a role in call centres (e.g. it was pretty hard to have a call centre without a phone...) these days without a core call centre technology platform you simply can’t operate.

Call centre or contact centre technology consultants can help you assess your current technology platforms, procurement and provide agnostic advice on upgrading or optimising your existing technology depending on the business outcomes you are wanting to achieve.

Technology vendors can also offer similar services although typically their solution (naturally) will involve their products whereas contact centre technology consultants will provide vendor-agnostic recommendations. 

What is contact centre technology?

From being able to queue calls, call people back, include a greeting, call recording, enable agents to work from home and more, the technology that underpins your call centre is the key enabler to driving efficiency and delivering a great customer experience.

But these days its more than just handling phone calls. Live chat, chatbots, email routing, knowledge management, CRM integration, self-service, video chat and so on are becoming increasingly common and fall into the domain of contact centre technology.

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