Call Quality Assessment Services for Contact Centres

Using 3rd Suppliers to measure your call quality 

There is no question that assessing the quality of your contact centre (aka call centre) agents is a critical component to improving service delivery for your customers. 

But as you know, it takes an extraordinary amount of time to score and assess a single phone call. In fact, a rule of thumb would suggest that conducting a quality assessment on a call is typically three times the duration of the call. 

And who normally does the scoring? The Team Leader!

This then takes time away from the Team Leader doing what they should be doing, coaching!!!

Using a third party to help perform a quality assessment on your contact centre calls has a number of benefits that include time (freeing up your internal resources) as well as providing an external, independent assessment to avoid any bias issues. 

But it's not just phone calls. Quality Assessments can be performed across a range of customer service functions including emails, live chat correspondence, complaints management and more. 

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Quality Assessment Service Providers:

The suppliers below specialise in providing call quality assessment services for customer services and contact centres.