Your future customers will land on this Company Profile page by either clicking the 'View Company Profile' button on the main directory or directly from a search in Google.

So once they are here, it's the perfect time to tell them about your solutions to their problems, highlight some of your products and services, include some testimonials etc. You've got a massive 4,000 characters and you can use headings, bold etc to put things into some logical order for your prospects. 

Contact Request Form

Exclusive to the Premium Level, the contact forms enable customers to send you a message requesting someone to call them.

This is perfect for busy customers who might be browsing the directory outside of your normal hours, and we've seen the contact forms result in some great leads for businesses, so we recommend you turn it on (it's optional). If a customer completes it, you can nominate exactly who you would like the lead to be emailed to. 

Best Lead Contact

You can also include details of the best contact in your business should customers want to contact someone directly.

This can be your sales manager for example or you can leave it generic like for your sales team. 


As well as being able to describe your solutions for customers, you can also add videos and brochures for customers to download (see below ) directly on this page.

This provides even more opportunities for potential customers to see your products and services in action!


You can add up to five videos to this page (hosted on YouTube or Vimeo) to enable your potential customers to watch demonstration videos, promotional videos etc. 


You can add up to 10 pictures to show customers your products and services, your team, testimonials etc. 


You can also include up to 5 brochures for customers to download directly from this page.

You have the option to capture customer information prior to them being able to download the brochure etc however you typically get a better result if you don't gate your material.

Your Dashboard

You can stay across how many views, clicks and downloads have occurred in your listing at any time by simply logging into your dashboard.

You can also add or edit your listing at any time to ensure it is fresh and appealing for potential customers. 

Address Information

Primary Office Address: 1 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC, Australia

Office Address 2: 2 Collins Street, Hobart TAS, Australia

Office Address 3: 3 Collins Street, Nundah QLD, Australia

Office Address 4: 4 Collins Street, Preston VIC, Australia

Office Address 4: 5 Collins Avenue, Surfside, FL, USA

Office Address 6: 6 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL, USA

Talk to a sales specialist immediately

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