Crisis Management Solutions - Call Centre Services

When you need customer support. Quickly!

Of course, it's a service you hopefully never need to use; however, when the proverbial does hit the fan and you need an emergency customer support phone number answered, that's when you need a BPO or Call Centre Outsourcer that offers Crisis Management Call Centre Solutions.

What are Crisis Management Call Centre Solutions?

A BPO/Contact Centre Outsourcer can provide a range of services and solutions to help you in a crisis situation where you need to provide urgent phone support.

From product recalls, health alerts, system outages/technical support, changes to government policy, media events (positive and negative) and so on, all need an immediate solution to handle customer enquiries that your existing contact centre or business may be unable to handle. 

What Call Centre Solutions are offered for Crisis Management situations?

If urgently require customer support, you need a provider who can mobilise quickly. Depending on the situation, there are a range of services that may be required, incuding: 

  • Supply of a phone number (1800, 1300 etc.).
  • Re-routing of existing numbers to the new crisis line. 
  • IVR Messaging (sometimes pre-recorded answers can assist with mass volumes).
  • Script development.
  • Provision of information or message taking.
  • CRM/Database set up (to capture customer details for further work).
  • Email/SMS updates.
  • Reporting.
  • Compliance measures.
  • Call Recording. 
  • Claims management.

How to select the right outsourcing provider to assist with your crisis management

If you do find yourself needing urgent phone support services, consider the following when sourcing an outsourcing supplier:

  • Previous Experience
  • Scale (depending on your estimate of how many calls may need answering)
  • Location and timezones
  • Ability to mobile quickly (speed matters in these situations)
  • Technology solution (they need to be ready to go with their existing solution)

If you need someone quickly, simply reach out to the suppliers listed below or use our free CX Connect service and we can recommend a contact centre outsourcer who specialises in crisis management that is best placed to meet your immediate requirements. 

Otherwise, just scroll through the list of crisis management call centre service providers below.

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