Global BPO Call Centre providers

Using call centre suppliers who offer global contact centre solutions enables you to have your call centres answered from strategic positions across the world to provide the optimum level of service for your customers. 

Benefits of using global call centre providers

If you are considering using overseas call centres either as a stand-alone solution or in combination with an on-shore (within Australia) call centre there are a whole host of reasons including:

1. Cost Savings

Using a call centre overseas typically offers a lower cost than running the same sized operations here in Australia. Primarily this is due to two key reasons:

Labour Arbitrage - using countries where the call centre agents are on a lower salary is one of the biggest cost savings as labour typically accounts for aorund 75% of the running costs of a call centre. 

Time of Day/Follow the Sun - By using strategically placed contact centres you can reduce the requirement to pay increased costs for night-shift workers

2. Language Capabilities 

With a large multi-cultural population in Australia, being able to provide contact centre and customer support solutions in a customer's native tongue can be a great way to improve the customer experience and with it, improve retention and increase revenue. Not only can you tap into a large range of language options, but you will also save money with labour rates typically all lower than providing employing a multi-lingual agent here in Australia. 

3. Capabilities

Large global call centre outsourcing companies having thousands of employees who are focussed full-time in designing, implementing and optimising call centre campaigns for their customers. They also typically have the latest and greatest technology enabling you to tap into, and benefit, from their expertise. 

Where to learn more

If you would like to learn more about call centre outsourcing or using offshore call centres we have a heap of free resources on our website: The Complete Guide to Call Centre Outsourcing from Australia

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