Offshore call centres with an Australian office

There is no doubt there are substantial cost savings when it comes to moving your call centre operations offshore to countries like the Philippines, South Africa and so on. 

But it's not without risk.

The companies below have offshore call centres combined with an Australian office or local contact centre operations that can provide numerous benefits including:

  • A local contact who is accountable for your operations.
  • An ability to 'test and learn'. Get all the processes, scripts and technology right here before you move operations offshore.
  • The ability to have some calls handled in Australia (e.g. premium customers) and have the lower value calls handled offshore.

Ultimately the call centre outsourcers will work with you to determine the best strategy to achieve your business objectives. 

It can be tricky determining the best options for your business so with over 30 years in call centre outsourcing experience, we are pleased to offer a free service that can provide you with a shortlist of recommended call centre outsourcing providers that are best placed to help you.

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