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In today's digital age, where social media platforms have become integral to customer interactions, businesses are recognizing the paramount importance of maintaining a robust and responsive presence on these channels.

Recent CX Experience Statistics reveal that 57% of customers prefer to engage companies through digital channels and this is only expected to increase (internet users aged between 16 to 64 spend an average of 6 hours and 40 minutes per day online).

Ensuring you are prepared and available to engage with customers via Socia Media can be great way to improve your customer experience, which in turn, can help you deliver increased profit and a myriad of other business benefits. 

What is Social Media Customer Service?

Customer service on social media involves providing support, addressing inquiries, and engaging with customers directly through platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

It goes beyond traditional customer service methods, offering a real-time, public-facing avenue for businesses to connect with their audience.

Why is Social Media Customer Service Important for Businesses?

Social Media penetration in Australia is over 82% (in 2023) and TikTok now accounts for the most popular App by time with users spending over 23.4 hours per month on TikTok, with Facebook now second 1t 17.6 hours.

Given so many of your customers are spending time on Social Media, it makes sense make it easy for customers to engage with your brands on the same platforms they are already visiting with benefits including: 

Immediate Response

Social media operates in real-time. Customers expect prompt responses to their queries and concerns. Timely engagement can enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Brand Visibility and Reputation Management

Social media is a powerful tool for brand building and reputation management. Effective customer service on these platforms contributes to a positive brand image and helps address potential issues swiftly.

Customer Engagement and Relationship Building

Interacting with customers on social media fosters a sense of community and strengthens relationships. It provides businesses with an opportunity to humanize their brand and connect with their audience on a personal level.

Market Insight

Social media is a valuable source of customer feedback and market insights. By actively participating in customer conversations, businesses can gather feedback, identify trends, and adapt their strategies accordingly.

Crisis Management

In times of crisis or negative publicity, social media can be both a challenge and an opportunity. Swift and transparent communication through these channels helps in managing and mitigating potential crises.

Benefits of Outsourcing Social Media Customer Service

Expertise and Specialisation

Outsourcing companies specialising in social media customer service bring expertise and a deep understanding of the dynamics of various platforms. They stay abreast of trends and algorithm changes, ensuring effective engagement strategies.

24/7 Availability

Outsourcing enables businesses to provide round-the-clock social media support, accommodating customers from different time zones. This constant availability aligns with the expectation for timely responses.


During peak periods or marketing campaigns, the outsourced team can quickly scale operations to handle increased social media activity. Conversely, they can adjust resources during quieter periods, offering flexibility and cost-efficiency.

Multilingual Support

For businesses catering to a global audience, outsourcing social media customer service provides the advantage of offering support in multiple languages, broadening the reach and accessibility of customer interactions.

Data Analytics and Reporting

Outsourcing partners often employ advanced analytics tools to track and analyse social media interactions. This data-driven approach helps in refining strategies, measuring performance, and identifying areas for improvement.

Focus on Core Competencies

By entrusting social media customer service to a third party, businesses can redirect internal resources toward core competencies, strategic initiatives, and overall business growth.

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