Executive Recruitment for Contact Centres & CX

Find senior managers for Call Centres, Contact Centres, Customer Experience, Digital and Customer Service roles

Finding senior managers to fill positions in customer management related roles can be tricky in Australia. Whether you are based in traditional locations like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane etc or working in one of the regional centres, it can often feel like finding the proverbial needle in the haystack!

With senior customer experience and contact centre management roles becoming increasingly valued, it can often be difficult in trying to find the right skill set to help drive your business forward. 

Whether it's using the traditional methods of advertising roles and providing the screening, aptitude testing etc and presenting you with a shortlist of suitable candidates or engaging an executive search function to proactively find the right talent, the executive recruitment companies listed below will help you secure the top talent. 

What type of roles do executive recruitment companies specialise in? 

Engaging an executive recruitment agency to either fully manage or support your executive talent search can be advantageous when trying to fill senior roles within your business including: 

  • Senior roles like Chief Customer Officer, Chief Engagement Officer, Head of Contact Centres
  • Management roles like Contact Centre Managers, Customer Experience Manager or Customer Service Manager
  • Mid-level management roles like Operations Managers, Contact Centre Team Leaders or specialist positions like Workforce Management roles, Quality Assurance Managers and so on. 

What are the average salaries for senior contact centre related roles?

The most recent contact centre industry report was produced in 2019 and it revealed a number of average salaries for contact centre related positions in Australia. These include:

  • Contact Centre Operations Manager - $107,574 plus super and an average of $6,892 in bonuses
  • Contact Centre Manager - $129,696 plus super and an average of $10,081 in bonuses
  • Head of Contact Centres - $129, 696 plus super and an average of $20,391 in bonuses

Of course, these are average salaries and can be influenced by the size of the contact centre (s), the type of industry, number of direct reports, position within the internal organisational structure and so on. Chief Customer Officers (CCO) positions are executive level and are typically remunerated accordingly. 

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