Outbound Dialler technology for call centres

Call Centre Outbound dialler technology is used primarily to increase efficiency when making outbound contact to customers, typically in outbound sales, lead generation and telemarketing teams.

What type of Call Centre Outbound Diallers are there?

Not all outbound diallers are created equal! Outbound Diallers (aka outbound dialer, automatic dialer, for call centres can be cloud-based, on-premise or hosted and there are different ‘modes’ that determine how the outbound dialer dials the customer.

The software, algorithms and reporting are also all critical components and like other call centre technology, there is a range of quality and experience between vendors. 

Most call centre outbound diallers these days are part of a complete call centre system - essentially it's just an add on feature albeit, of course, some are better than others with some stand-alone outbound diallers evolving to add inbound capability and vice versa.

This can often be important as typically part of an outbound call to a customer can involve the customer needing to call back to complete a sale, or where a message may have been left, to return the call. By having everything in the one system, the customer records can remain intact with a complete history of contact made to that customer and it can result in a better customer experience. 

Outbound Dialler modes

An Outbound Dialler used in a call centre has different modes that can be used depending on the available data you have, the skill and number of your operators along with the skills of the person running the dialler.

The following are the common outbound dialler modes you will find on most (but not all) automatic outbound phone dialers:

Preview Dialler – The agent can see the details for the next customers on the screen, but has to manually choose to make the call. Typically used where a bit of research may be required before making the call.

Progressive Dialler – The system will dial the next number as soon as the agent has completed the previous call.

Predictive Dialler – The system analyses the number of agents and average call times and essentially dials ahead to maximize productivity given agents very little rest (albeit you can tweak the settings).

Blast Dialler – The system dials a whole heap of numbers and once it detects a human voice it plays a pre-recorded message. Often used for large-scale surveys or in elections to get the “message out there”.

Choosing the right outbound dialler for your business 

Like most contact centre technology and features, there is a lot to consider and there are multiple options. You can simply reach out to one of the vendors below and they will be happy to provide a demonstration for you along with pricing options etc or there are specialist contact centre technology consultants that can help with everything from procurement, implementation, training and optimisation. 

You can also contact us on 03 9008 7287 or send us a message for a no-obligation discussion on your call centre technology requirements and we can provide you with a free customised shortlist on the best vendors to meet your requirements. 

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