Omnichannel technology providers in Australia

Transform your customer experience with omnichannel technology

Omnichannel technology put simply is the enabler for a unified customer experience across all of the customer touchpoints in your business. So whether a customer interacted with your business through a retail store, an email campaign, an enquiry into the call centre, a live chat conversation, a purchase on your website etc you would have a single view of that customer across all the various channels. 

When omnichannel refers specifically to a contact centre environment, it typically refers to a seamless customer experience regardless of the communication channel the customer prefers to communicate on such as phone, email, live chat, video chat, web chat etc.

The parts that are left out are often retail, sales teams on the road etc. It also often doesn't include the CRM (Customer Relationship Management Tool) which captures all the interactions, customer details etc. If you need a CRM tool specifically search here for suppliers > 

I know, it all sounds a bit confusing right?  Unfortunately, there are lots of different versions or interpretations of that omnichannel really refers to!

And just to add to the confusion, the omnichannel technology can be on-premise (e.g. hardware like servers on your premises) or now more commonly in the cloud which is specifically referred to as omnichannel cloud contact centre technology. There are a number of pros and a few cons of being 'in the cloud' which you can read about on our CX Central website.

The vendors listed below specialise predominately in providing omnichannel solutions for customer experience, contact centres, customer service centres and so on.

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