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Recording calls in a call centre

There are lots of reasons why you'd want to record the phone calls in a call centre. For compliance reasons, to improve the quality through either quality assessment scoring or coaching and allowing the agents to listen to conversations are often cited as the primary reasons. 

But regardless of the reason, you need to have the right technology in your call centre to record the calls. The vendors listed below offer call recording technology in Australia that can be set to automatically record all calls in the call centre (inbound or outbound as well as live chat, video calls etc) or perhaps only some calls, certain agents etc - there are typically lots of ways to schedule or configure things to suit your requirements. 

Once you've recorded the calls, the next step is normally being able to listen to them. Most call centre recording modules or platforms include a dashboard where you can filter agents, times, call durations etc and enabling you to listen or filter the exact calls you want to listen to. 

Other call recording options in a call centre

As well as just recording the calls to a file, hard drive or the cloud, there are also lots more advanced options on how you can listen to calls recorded in a call centre.

Technology like Speech Analytics essentially converts the entire conversation into text so you can quickly search for specific words or phrases. For example, you could type in 'I want to speak to a supervisor' and it will bring up all the calls and cue them to the exact moment where that phrase has been said. Great for coaching, compliance and so on! 

You can also have software the records the screen as well (often know as screen capture) and in many instances, most platforms will combine both so you can see and hear what the call centre agent was doing. 

One thing to note is that if you call centre handles financial transactions like credit card payments, there are some complications about recording credit card information - refer to PCI-DSS technology suppliers which can automatically redact (aka remove) credit card information to satisfy PCI-DSS requirements. 

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