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Call Centre Dashboards 

There has never been a shortage of data in a call centre but sometimes making sense of it all can be overwhelming. A good call centre dashboard (aka contact centre dashboard) enables you to unlock the power in the data and use that information to help drive performance and agent, team and contact centre level. 

A contact centre dashboard typically has multiple views available including:

  • Agent 
  • Team Leader
  • Centre Manager

Contact centre dashboards are used to provide real-time information enabling contact centre personnel to 'keep their finger on the pulse' and then use that information to adjust approaches, practices etc to impact outcomes. For example, knowing the call centre has a long queue wait time may encourage agents to wrap up calls earlier than they otherwise would. Or the centre manager may decide to drop all upselling activity until queue wait times have decreased. 

The contact centre dashboards are typically highly configurable enabling the contact centre to display their performance against KPI's, trends and so on. You can also configure what and when to show them on a call centre agents desktop, on monitors around the centre and so on. 

Whilst it can be tempting to display a whole range of metrics on the dashboard, best practice for what to display on your contact centre dashboard is to keep it to top-level metrics. This, of course, depends on who the dashboard is for - for contact centre agents it might be their individual performance metrics like conversions, number of calls, AHT etc, a Team Leader might want to know the different status of each agent (e.g. on a call, break, in wrap etc) and a Contact Centre Manager might be more interested in averages across the entire centre including satisfaction metrics/NPS scores, Average Speed of Answer and so on.

One thing to keep in mind is that a call centre dashboard is best used for a quick snapshot - to show you what's happening at a given moment in time. Reviewing trends, historical data etc is typically handled by call centre reporting. 

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