Gamification Software for Call Centres

Improve your contact centre productivity and employee engagement using Gamification Software for Call Centres

Whilst Gamification Software for Call Centres has been around for a while, it had recently seen a resurgence thanks to a range of new gamification software, systems and tools that are designed to increase productivity and engagement in your workforce. 

The premise behind gamification software for call centres is to introduce a competitive element to employees’ tasks, using public recognition and rewards to give them a greater incentive to meet goals, both in their own positions and within the company as a whole.

Benefits of using a gamification platform in a call centre: 

Implementing gamification software into your contact centre (or workplace) can lead to a whole range of benefits including:

  • Improved productivity
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Improved workplace communication
  • Improved skills 
  • A better customer experience 

Of course, just purchasing gamification software doesn't guarantee success and suddenly deliver a boost in improvement. You can learn more about some tips on how to introduce gamification into your workplace using our following resources:

What does workplace gamification software do?

In previous days, contact centres used whiteboards, lists on walls etc in an attempt to motivate contact centre employees with leaderboards etc like most sales, most calls, best conversation rates etc. 

Gamification software moves that world into an online environment enabling agents, team leaders and centre managers to instantly access performance results and compare performance with charts like agent versus agent, team versus teams and so on as well as all the traditional leaderboards.

Importantly, the gamification software is usually linked directly to the contact centre platform so it automatically updates performance results eliminating a large manual component (no more having to write on a whiteboard or print sheets of paper) as well as the results being available instantly which can be perfect for motivating your contact centre agents and teams in live head to head battles. 

Many of the gamification software platforms also connect directly to a rewards store enabling employees to purchase/redeem prizes based on accrued points etc with admin controls enabling budgets, number of points required etc all to be customised. 

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