Shift swap technology suppliers for call centres

Call Centre Shift Swapping Software Suppliers in Australia

Call centre shift swapping technology enables agents to swap shifts amongst their peers and build higher engagement, lower sick leave and increased retention levels. 

Benefits of shift swapping technology in the call centre

The premise of call centre shift swap technology is to empower agents to swap shifts with their fellow colleagues that previously may have resulted in unscheduled sick leave. 

This, in turn, helps the contact centre as it is more likely they will have the right number of agents forecasted to meet service levels.

 With agents empowered to make their own decisions, engagement levels are typically higher and fewer agents take unscheduled sick leave. 

This can result in lower employee turnover and all the associated benefits that come with it.

Negatives of call centre shift swapping software

While there are some clear benefits, implementing shift swapping is not without some risks or complications, including:

  • If agents are constantly swapping shifts, it can be hard to schedule coaching, training etc.
  • If you have a call centre that uses differently skilled agents, you can have situations where there aren't enough appropriately skilled agents.
  • Trying to keep track of all the shift swaps and time worked, paid etc can be time-consuming, depending on whether your WFM software is linked to your payroll system.
  • It can cause tension if there are agents who have the desired shift but aren't willing to swap it. 
  • There can be times when it's hard to find people willing to swap if there is only what's considered the bad shift on offer. 

The suppliers below have experience in providing call centre shift swapping technology/software: