Employee Engagement

Despite common perceptions, Employee Engagement is always top of mind when it comes to managing a contact centre for a variety of reasons. Engaged employees in a contact centre are more productive, stay longer and there is a link between happier employees delivering an improved customer experience. 

But getting your workforce engaged isn't an easy task and it takes more than just sending out an employee satisfaction survey once a year and patting yourself on the back! There are lots of components that can include:

  • Having genuine care for your employees
  • Being flexible
  • Providing good leadership
  • Empowering employees with the right tools
  • Getting your recruitment right
  • Challenging your employees

In Australia, the latest contact centre industry research revealed that:

  •  The average turnover is 45% annually (split between 22% external attrition and 23% internal attrition)
  • Only 49% of contact centres measure employee satisfaction at least annually
  • The average tenure for a frontline agent is 22 months
  • Approximately 60% of contact centres who do measure employee satisfaction claim the results are what they expected, 17% were lower than expected. 

You can learn more about tips and hints on how to boost employee engagement on our CX Central Website or contact one of the employee engagement consultants below who can help you directly or search one of the more niche skillsets like contact centre optimisation, gamification or call centre health checks that can often reveal the underlying causes. 

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