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Engaging a Mystery Shopping Company 

Mystery Shopping can be a powerful way to both examine your own performance from an independent external perspective as well as allowing you to take a peek into how your competitors are performing. 

With customer experience now becoming the dominant focus for most companies due to its intrinsic link to profitability, implementing a Mystery Shopping program into your business can be an important weapon in your overall Voice of the Customer strategy.  

What type of metrics can be captured in Mystery Shopping?

Whilst there are multiple settings that Mystery Shopping can be applied to, the majority of suppliers focus on Contact Centres, Retail and Digital.

As you would expect, there are literally hundreds of metrics that can be assessed with some of the common ones including:

  • Customer wait time (either on the phone or in-store)
  • Longest wait
  • First Contact Resolution 
  • Store Appearance 
  • Website Load time
  • Accuracy of information
  • Quality of the interaction with the employee
  • Lot's more!

But executing your own Mystery Shopping program is not easy which is why engaging an organisation who specialises in Mystery Shopping services in Australia is the important first step.

As well as providing insight into your own performance, Mystery Shopping companies can also provide you with benchmarking data against your competitors in the same industry or other industries. 

The suppliers all have experience in helping you to design and implement the right Mystery Shopping program that will enable you to make informed business decisions using accurate, reliable and independent data. 

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