Live Chat Support Outsourcers in South Africa

Enhance your CX with Live Chat Support Outsourcers in South Africa

Below, you'll find a list of specialist live chat support outsourcers in South Africa that provide live chat agents to handle your customer support, customer service, technical enquiries, sales and lead enquiries etc via the live chat channel. 

If you are looking for live chat software so you can use your own internal resources, click here to see vendors who sell live chat software > 

Live Chat customer support is becoming increasingly important for businesses as customers become more digital-savvy and use websites and social media channels to engage with companies.

By offering live chat agents, customers can access support on their preferred channel in real-time, leading to increased customer satisfaction and increased revenue.

And being based in South Africa, there are significant cost savings as compared to running the same service here in Australia and unlike phone calls, live chat does experience less customer resistance as the inability to understand accents is primarily removed, which is typically the main source of frustration for customers.

You can typically engage live chat support outsourcers to handle your live chat exclusively, or it can be part of an overall outsourcing strategy where they can also handle either some or all of your phone calls, emails, etc. 

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to make inroads in customer support, some specialist live chat support outsourcers can also assist with automated chatbots, virtual agents, etc, which can reduce costs further as there is no live agent component. Search for BPOs and Outsourcers providing automation services > 

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