Customer Engagement Technology for contact centres & CX

A list of suppliers of Customer Engagement Technology suppliers for contact centres & call centres that can be used to help drive efficiencies and improve the customer experience. 

Customer Engagement

Customer engagement refers to the practice of using technology to make customers feel as though there was a person in the room with them, guiding them through online processes.

Customer Service Agents can instantly see customers’ screens and take customers through complex transactions, processes, forms, demos, and more using such technologies as co-browsing software, screen share, and one-way agent video.

More about Co-Browsing & Screen Sharing

Co-Browsing (aka collaborative browsing) allows a customer service agent to access the customer's active browser of tab of the customers' screen. This distinction is important - 'screen sharing' enables viewing of the entire desktop so the customer service agent is able to see everything on the customer's desktop.