Mystery Shopping Services in Australia

The Australian Customer Experience Professionals Association (ACXPA) provides a cost-effective, fixed-price monthly Contact Centre CX Benchmarking service that will deliver all this and more.

As outlined below, our Contact Centre CX Benchmarking service has been designed to provide powerful insights with a transparent and cost-effective pricing model.

The scoring and insights are directly aligned to help you identify opportunities to shift the dial on measurable business outcomes – whether it’s Sales Conversions, Net Promoter Score, Customer Effort Score (CES), Retention, CLV, etc.

Decades in the making, our Contact Centre CX Benchmarking program has been designed and is managed by contact centre industry experts passionate about helping contact centres deliver results with easy-to-understand metrics, insights and training.

Cost Effective Voice of Customer (Voc) insights for your business

When you purchase the Contact Centre CX Benchmarking for your business, you’ll receive powerful insights from over 80 metrics, broadly split into two key dimensions:

Access Score – how easy was it to connect to a live agent, including wait times, number of menu options, hold experience, recording messaging, talk time and more.

Quality Score – the quality of the interaction with the contact centre employee assessed across five core competencies and 18 different behaviours.

The Contact Centre CX Benchmarking includes: 

  • Six Mystery Shopping calls will be made to your business every month, and you’ll receive the call recordings and the assessor’s notes.
  • Benchmarking data for any five other competitors that YOU nominate in the same industry sector so you can benchmark your performance against all the core metrics.
  • Average sector data from all contact centres we assess in the same sector (so if we assess 20 contact centres in the same sector, you’ll see the average for all 20).
  • Monthly data to track your performance and quarterly trend reports with personalised insights and recommendations to help you improve your performance.
  • All for one cost-effective price per month!

ACXPA Subscribers and Members can also access monthly benchmarking data containing metrics for industry benchmarks, and specific sector information for Banks, Car Insurance, Councils, Energy Retailers, Internet Retailers and TAFEs - with more sectors being introduced soon!

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