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Unity4 Agents work across many market verticals and has over 20 years’ experience deploying Australian locals supporting Government, Co

Customer Service & Experience -

  • New customer welcome calls
  • Booking or order taking
  • Billing, technical support & complaint handling 
  • Product recall
  • General enquiry handling
  • Public relations hotline

Cohort Customer Targetting 

  • We prospect for new potential customers using every variety of digital advertising
  • Drive consumers through our survey paths,
  • Profile new potential "opted-in" new customers.

Fundraising & Donor Management

  • Regular giving acquisition  
  • Facebook to regular giving acquisition 
  • Raffle & lottery ticket campaigns 
  • Merchandise sales 
  • Disaster relief donations 
  • One-off donor conversion to regular giving 
  • Regular giving donation upgrades 
  • Regular giving payment decline follow up Bequests

Proactive Telephone Sales

  •   Energy industry product sales 
  • Supporter merchandise
  • Fixed-line & mobile telephone
  • Existing customer upsell
  • Business to business product sales
  • Customer retention or reactivation
  • Pharmaceutical telephone repping

Live Chat

  •   Account activation 
  • Patient support
  • Billing enquiries
  • Proactive retention
  • Sales support & lead generation
  • Technical support

SMS, Email & Social

  •   Customer life cycle messaging 
  • Booking reminders
  • Purchase or change confirmations
  • Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat handling
  • Overdue accounts
  • Retention broadcast

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