Call Centre Outsourcers using at home agents

With the advent of modern contact centre technology, it's now possible to have contact centre agents working from home using exactly the same tools as a contact centre agent working in a contact centre environment. 

Given the current COVID19 situation this has made it even more of a priority for businesses - you can use an outsourcer that already has work from home agents to quickly get your calls answered even as other outsourcers and large workplaces ae closing down. 

We've also published an article with some tips on Options for Contact Centres in Managing COVID-19 > 

Benefits of using work from home contact centre agents:

Using a work from home call centre agent workforce provides a number of benefits including: 

1. Scalability & Flexibility

Because there is no commute time, you can quickly scale up your workforce when you need them. This makes it perfect for situations when call traffic is larger than expected due to unforeseen circumstances. Send a message out to your at-home workforce and within minutes you'll have more resources on the phone ready to go!

2. Reduced Costs 

There are no large overheads associated with the costs of providing a work facility, maintenance etc which results in a lower cost for you when using an at-home workforce. 

3. Increased Productivity

Studies have shown that contact centre agents who work from home are more productive and have less turnover than those expected to commute to work each day. This directly relates in lower costs to you. 

Read our article to learn more about implementing a work from home call centre workforce for your own business or search the suppliers below who already have expertise in managing a work from home call centre workforce. 

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