Workforce Management Outsourcing Suppliers (WFM/WFO) India


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As anyone with experience in the contact centre industry will tell you, a good Workforce Manager is worth their weight in gold. With labour typically the largest expense in a contact centre (approx 70% to 80% of the total budget), even just a 1% improvement in efficiency can lead to significant cost savings in large centres.

Whilst typically these functions have been done in house, there is a growing trend for organisations to outsource their workforce management (WFM) functions to companies with the expertise and tools to deliver improved result.

WFM functions you can outsource:

  • Forecast workloads and create agent rosters to meet business objectives 
  • Move agents to different queues or back-office functions in real-time to maximise efficiencies
  • Manage sick leave and unplanned activities and adjust break times etc 
  • Redirect agents to offline activities when call volumes are lower than forecasted (e.g. training, coaching, back-office work)
  • Distribute work tasks across multiple parallel business processes
  • Allocate and re-allocate work according to current skills and staff availability
  • Analyse productivity, staff skills, and unit costs
  • Provide a range of reporting and analysis on efficiencies, agent performance, service-level agreements (SLAs), quality etc

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