Top BPOs & Outsourced Sales Companies for Australian Businesses

How to Generate New Business with Powerful Outsourced Sales Solutions!

Outsourcing your sales functions can be a great way to increase revenue and profit in your business by tapping into the expertise of professional sales experts.

Sales services such as telesales, telemarketing companies, cold calling, lead generation, appointment setting and so on are typically offered by sales outsourcing companies both here in Australia and from offshore locations, providing you with cost-effective solutions to help your business to identify, plan and execute the right strategy to increase sales.

Key Types of Sales Contact Centre Solutions 

The modern outsourced sales contact centre/BPO is well equipped to help you grow your business with typical services and functions, including:

Customer Acquisition

Whether it's through telemarketing, lead generation, cold calling, appointment setting, inbound call answering, and more, these sales focussed call centre outsourcers will help you acquire new customers to generate new revenue for your business.

For outbound work, the contact centre outsourcer can work with you to determine the ideal target market and use customer lists that you supply, or the outsourcer can help source the data for you. 


If you've got an existing list of customers, why not put together a campaign to help increase your wallet share?

Whether it's an upgrade from an existing product or perhaps you're introducing a new product or service, your existing customers provide the perfect opportunity for your business to increase revenue. 


Working with your contact centre outsourcing partner, you can target previous customers with a great offer to win them back. And it doesn't just mean an outbound call.

Most outsourcers today can help send out a great offer via email or traditional mail and then provide inbound solutions to answer the calls and follow up the offer with a call where and when appropriate. 


Your existing customers are often the most valuable so make sure you look after them!

From welcome calls, courtesy calls, satisfaction surveys or a special offer for your existing customers, the contact centre outsourcers will work with you to ensure you retain your most valuable customers. 

Key Types of Sales Contact Centre Solutions 

Whilst traditionally contact centre sales solutions have been delivered over the phone, modern sales campaigns can involve a range of other channels, including direct mail, social media, EDM, live chat, Digital Marketing and more. 

Sales functions can be either inbound (when the customer calls you) or outbound (when you are contacting the customer).

In many instances, your sales contact centre partner can handle both. For example, sending an EDM with a call to action to ring the call centre and order.

Or an outbound telemarketing campaign where there is a requirement for the customer to call back in to order or provide further information. 

Many of the modern call centres can help plan and execute sales strategies across all offline and digital channels - just contact them to discuss your requirements. 

How to choose the right outsourcer for your sales solution

As you will note above, there is a range of options to help you increase revenue using a contact centre outsourcer. Finding the right partner is a crucial step, and there are many factors to consider, including the experience of the outsourcer.

Do they have experience with the sales function you need? Do they have experience in your industry vertical? Do they specialise in B2B or B2C? 

What about the location? Do you keep the contact centre onshore (within Australia) or use an offshore contact centre with lower costs but perhaps a lower conversion? 

Do they have experience in sales solutions across digital channels and have the technology and skills to execute?

And what type of commercial model is best? Commission only, hourly rates, base plus incentives, etc. 

If you'd like some help in finding the right outsourced sales company,  use our free industry service and we can provide you with a recommended shortlist of suppliers with the right experience.  Otherwise, just scroll through the list below to make contact directly with the providers. 

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