1300 Numbers in Australia | Suppliers List

Suppliers of 1300 Numbers in Australia

1300 numbers are 10-digit numbers that work Australia-wide where the caller is charged a local call rate when dialling from an Australian phone line, including mobiles. Being Australia wide means there is no need to use an area prefix when calling the number.

How do 1300 numbers work?

When a customer places a call to a 1300 number, the call enters the network and a search is conducted to find the relevant routing strategy that applies to the toll number. A routing strategy effectively tells the network where to direct the call and in the case of 1300 numbers, it can be directed to a landline or mobile (or both) depending on what you require.  This all happens instantaneously, so the caller doesn’t experience any delay.

The suppliers below can help you secure a 1300 number - typically they will provide you with a list of available numbers and you can choose the combination of digits that best suit you. 

Benefits of 1300 numbers

For a lot of customers, securing a 1300 number in Australia provides a number of benefits including:

    • Using a 1300 number can provide your business with a professional look regardless of your business size.
    • Because a 1300 number has no area code, you won't be perceived as a local company. 
    • You can use the number at any location which means you can always use the number wherever you are located in Australia (e.g. if you move offices etc).
    • They are inexpensive and don't require any costly infrastructure
    • You can use smart routing to ensure the calls are answered professionally, placed in a queue, met with a recorded greeting etc. 

      To learn more about costs and how to secure a 1300 number for your business reach out to the suppliers below.