Video Conferencing Suppliers in Australia

Video Conferencing Tools and Software

Well if there is one benefit that has come out of COVID it's the increase and acceptance of video conferencing tools and software being used in business (and for personal use). 

Not that long ago, video conferencing was an expensive luxury used by businesses that were largely an enterprise-only solution requiring dedicated connection lines, proprietary protocols and codecs and so on. 

Nowadays most video conferencing is cloud-based using either dedicated software programs (e.g Zoom, Microsoft Teams etc) that can essentially use any webcam and microphone to connect. But video conferencing can also be achieved by using VoIP or Hosted PBX phones enabling you to join/make a video conference call directly on your phone.

If your business could benefit from using video conferencing, check out the suppliers below who can provide you with pricing and information about the best video conferencing solution for your business.