On-premise call centre technology

The benefits of on-premise call centre technology

Call Centre technology can be broadly categories into two categories: on-premise or in the cloud. Whilst many smaller (and now larger centres) are moving towards cloud contact centre solutions there are still many benefits in an on-premise call centre technology solution. 

That said, on-premise contact centre technology is typically better suited to larger, enterprise-level contact centre operations that have a well-supported IT infrastructure and team long with a healthy budget. Some of the benefits of on-premise technology include:

  • Little to no call lag 
  • High call quality 
  • Maximum data security 
  • High customisation/more control 

An on-premise call centre solution means the hardware (e.g servers, PABX etc) software and infrastructure are housed on your premises. Your IT team is typically also responsible for installation, maintenance, support and so on. 

Many contact centre technology vendors can offer both on-premise and cloud solutions, or a combination of both. Simply reach out to the suppliers below to discuss your requirements and arrange for a demonstration or pricing where required. 

Alternatively, call us on 03 9008 7287 or send us a message for a free, no-obligation discussion. Where relevant, we can provide you with a shortlist of recommended vendors that have experience in delivering similar requirements to save you some time, money and stress! 

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