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Achieving PCI-DSS Compliance in a call centre

Firstly a definition of PCI-DSS which is the abbreviated form of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. It refers to an actionable framework relating to robust payment card data security processes that include the prevention and detection of credit misuse and fraud. 

Developed by the PCI Security Standards Council, there are a number of guidelines that refer directly to how PCI-DSS applies to call centres. You can read more about the guidelines on our CX Central website which goes into a lot more detail about the steps call centres need to make to achieve PCI-DSS compliance.

What does PCI-DSS technology in call centres actually do?

One of the main objectives in call centre technology to help achieve PCI-DSS compliance is blocking the storage of any credit card information that is captured during call recordings between a customer and a call centre agent. As most call centres record ALL calls, this can be a little problematic...

The PCI-DSS call centre technology's role is to essentially automate that process however there are a number of different approaches that different vendors are using including:

  • Automatically blanking out details on any screen recordings
  • Automatically wiping/redacting credit card information from call recordings
  • Providing alternative technology solutions for payments e.g transferring the customer to a secure PCI-DSS compliant payment engine to complete their credit card transaction and once it's completed, the customer is returned to the call centre agent. 

One of the other options is to avoid recording the details in the first place. Many contact centre technology solutions enable call centre agents to pause the recording during credit card payments. Whilst this can be effective, its a manual process and therefore is prone to error and misuse.

The vendors below are specialists in helping call centres achieve PCI-DSS compliance so the best advice is to contact them directly for the right advice on what's best for your contact centre and industry vertical. 

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