Queue Management Systems for Retailers

What is a Retail queue management system?

A retail queue management system (aka buzzer or pager) is used to streamline customer queues for businesses that receive large volumes of in-person customers visiting premises like a retail store, service counter and so on. 

Instead of making your retail customers or counter customers join long queues in a line or crowd around the counters waiting for service, the queue management system will advise the customer when it is their time to be served enabling them to browse your store or visit other nearby areas.

Notifications of when it's your customers time to be served can be delivered through a paper ticketing system, SMS message, kiosk, television screens, buzzers and more. 

Examples of Retail Queue Management Systems

You may have already experienced the technology when visiting the chemist for example. Once you have submitted your prescription you are handed a buzzer that will activate when your prescription is ready to be collected. This enables you to continue to shop in the chemist instead of standing in a line. 

Government agencies and councils often use the technology as well when you are waiting to speak to a team member. You can select the reason for your visit on a computer or iPad at the front, and then you will be issued with a ticket with a number on it. 

Then, when it's your turn to be served, your ticket number will be displayed on a screen along with the available counter for you to visit. 

Other advantages of Retail Queue Management Systems

As well as an improved customer experience, using a QMS will also enable you to keep track of how many visitors have been served, average transaction times, most efficient team members and so on. This data can be useful in day to day management and for future planning. 

You can also priorities different customer support types. For example, you may have two customers with one wanting to enquire about your products and services (sales opportunity) or one wanting support for an existing issue. You can choose who gets served as a priority... 

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