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Using Voice Biometrics to transform Customer Support

Voice Biometrics is a numerical representation of the sound, pattern, and rhythm of an individuals voice and is as unique to an individual as a palm or fingerprint. Voice Biometrics technology is increasingly being used in customer support environments removing the need for a manual validation process that in turn, improves the customer experience and reduces the costs of providing customer support. 

Benefits of using voice biometrics in a contact centre

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) contact centre already uses Voice Biometrics and an Australian Bank using the technology saves 45 seconds off every single call with the removal of having to manually identify the customer when they call. Those 45 seconds results in significant reductions in the operating costs of a contact centre and it has delivered millions of dollars in savings to the ATO and other businesses using the technology.

But it's not just the cost savings. 

Contact centre employees also love the voice biometrics technology as it saves them the repetitive component of having to validate a customer on every call. 

And probably most importantly of all, customers also love it! It saves them the frustrations of having to be manually verified on every call and also reduces the amount of time they need to spend talking to a contact centre. 

You can learn more about Voice Biometrics technology including statistics and case studies on CX Central > 

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