Employee Pulse Check Software

What is an Employee Pulse Check?

An employee pulse check is a fast and frequent survey that uses short, easy-to-answer questions on a frequent basis to provide a quick insight into the wellbeing of your employees. It can used in addition to, or on its own, as an employee satisfaction measure.

The main differences between an Employee Pulse Check and an annual Staff Satisfaction Survey are:

  • It's considerably shorter than an annual engagement survey and much easier to complete
  • It's more frequent than annually (typically monthly or quarterly)
  • It asks the same questions/items over time so you can track progress (e.g I feel comfortable sharing my opinions with management).  

You can learn more about Employee Pulse Checks along with sample questions on the free CX Glossary > 

The suppliers below provide purpose-built software to make it easy to prepare, distribute and analyse your employee pulse checks/surveys saving you a heap of time and effort. 

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