Contact Centre Team Leader Trainers

Upskilling your Contact Centre Team Leader

There is no dispute from many industry experts that the most important person in the contact centre is the Team Leader. Yet for one of the most critical roles, it's often the one that receives the least amount of training. 

Many a story has been told of the great call centre agent getting an opportunity to act in a Team Leader role despite receiving absolutely no leadership, coaching or performance management skills.  This is despite that fact they are typically the core functions we want them to perform! 

You can learn a lot more about skills required for being a contact centre team leader on the CX Central website including:

So whether you've got some existing team leaders that were never equipped with the right skills or you'd like to develop a program for your up and coming call centre leaders to ensure they are prepared, reach out to the suppliers below who have either publicly available courses or private courses conducted either remotely or in-house.

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