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We only specialise in Customer Experience and Contact Centres – in fact, we live and breathe it!

We partner with industry experts rather than employ full-time trainers so we can bring you a wide range of courses and expertise from all over the world.

All our courses have been designed to deliver results based on decades of experience in CX and Contact Centres across both the public and private sectors. No fluff or fancy corporate concepts – just real proven concepts that work.

Whilst we offer a range of courses from half-day short courses through to advanced high-performance workshops, you will experience our guiding principles in every course you attend:

  • We Practice what we preach – We only teach content that has proven results and that we would use ourselves as leading industry practitioners.
  • Make learning fun – We create a fun, rewarding and safe environment for people to laugh, learn and grow.
  • Facilitate Networks – We help course participants to build and nurture a professional network for support and growth opportunities.
  • Show the love – We are proud and passionate about the CX and contact centre industry and the amazing opportunities it provides.

So whether you are just starting your CX or contact centre journey, or you are looking to take your skills to the next level, we look forward to helping you with your journey.

Visit our website to learn more about our upcoming public courses or learn more about our private course options. 

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