Acoustic Shock Protection Headsets for Call Centres

Why Acoustic Shock matters in a contact centre

Acoustic Shock occurs when a call centre agent is exposed to a sudden and unexpected loud noise or high pitched sound. 

Examples can include:

  • Incorrectly dialled fax machines.
  • Faults on the telephone line that cause loud shrieks
  • Maliciously generated noises - screaming or blowing a whistle down the line.
  • Mobile phone interference.
  • Callers dropping their handset on to a desktop.

Why are unexpected loud noises or high-pitched sounds a problem? 

Unlike a traditional phone handpiece, a person wearing a headset cannot quickly drop the phone from the ear as soon as the noise is heard. This means that the headset wearer can be exposed to damaging sounds which can cause temporary pain through to permanent hearing loss often resulting in expensive workers compensation claims. 

What does Acoustic Shock Protection do?

Certain headsets have built-in acoustic shock protection which in simple terms, filters out all the loud, unexpected and high-pitch noises that can cause damage before they reach a call centre agents headset. 

Whilst the initial costs of headsets with acoustic shock protection can cost a little more, the costs are insignificant when compared to the costs of a workplace injury making them a great investment for the safety of your call centre agents and business. 

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