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Using SMS & TEXT to help your business 

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With virtually everyone owning a mobile phone these days, there has been a dramatic increase in the use of Text and SMS services to aid with marketing, customer service and customer management. 

SMS (Short Message Service) and Text Messages are exactly the same thing, but how they can be used to help in your business can vary greatly and there are a number of different SMS services available. 

Common SMS Solutions

  • SMS Marketing - Used to offer special discounts, as a call to action
  • Bulk SMS - An easy method for mass communication - great for marketing or communicating with your customers. 
  • SMS Validation - Used for help with customer validation as a security measure. 
  • SMS Customer Service - Used to send appointment reminders, thank you/loyalty texts, welcome texts, updates on support tickets etc. 

Benefits of SMS 

Using SMS in your business can be a cost-effective method of communicating with your customers and it's great for personalised offers or messages and time-sensitive promotions. 

There is a range of different pricing options and software available to manage your SMS campaigns. Some will work as a stand-alone solution or you may want to integrate with your existing platforms - either way the suppliers listed below will be able to assist. 

How much do SMS's cost?

There are a range of different pricing models available with the most common pay as you go or monthly plans with set tiers/limits.

Per text can often be as low as $0.03 per text if you are sending large volumes and there may be additional costs for set up, number rental, monthly fees etc - its a very competitive space so it pays to look around. 

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