Zendesk Contact Centre Integration

Zendesk Contact Centre Integration 

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If your business already uses Zendesk for customer service or sales there are a myriad of advantages of combining the power of Zendesk with your contact centre platform. 

What are the benefits of integrating Zendesk with my contact centre?

Using an API to connect to your contact centre to Zendesk can enable a whole range of features including:

  • Click to call
  • Caller identification 
  • Screen 'pops' that can provide the contact centre agent with information about the call including names, previous case history etc
  • Call recordings can be linked to customer records
  • You can automatically update Zendesk records with the call centre information (last call, agent they spoke with etc)
  • Outbound dialling - automatically call certain customers based on configurable data (This can be useful for lead generation/upselling, advising customers of new features etc)
  • Smart call routing features (automatically put more valuable clients at the head of the queue, direct the call the last agent they spoke to and so on)
  • Single screen - agents don't need to switch between multiple browsers 
  • Intelligent IVR - you can get customers to enter the case ID or customer number and use that to apply different routing 

As you can tell by the features above it can have a big impact on your contact centre including reducing Average Handling Time, improving First Call Resolution and delivering a greatly improved customer experience. 

If you'd like to learn more about how to connect your call centre to Zendesk reach out to the suppliers below who will be able to provide a demonstration along with pricing information. 

Contact the following Zendesk Contact Centre Integration suppliers: