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Salesforce Call Centre Integration

If you've got a contact centre and also use Salesforce (or plan to), having the two systems integrated can provide a range of benefits including:

  • Identifying your customers when they call (you can then greet them by name or see their previous history on the screen when the customer calls. 
  • You can prioritise importance the importance of each customer using skills-based routing.
  • Automatically create a record in Salesforce so you can keep track of notes etc. 
  • Agents can click to call customers saving time.
  • Agents not having to switch between platforms 
  • Typically a better customer experience because agents can focus more on the customer without worrying about managing different systems
  • Improved efficiency with a reduced Average Handle Time (AHT) and improved First Call Resolution. 

How to integrate your call centre with Salesforce

When it comes to integrating Salesforce into your call centre there are three popular ways to achieve it:

1. Native Solutions embed into the Salesforce CRM environment, ensuring your contact centre systems and workflows are accessible through Salesforce. These typically require minimal setup and provide an affordable and seamless solution for connecting your call centre with all the data in your CRM.

2. Via an API - this enables many of the modern call centre systems to connect directly to Salesforce. This can make it easy for the two platforms to 'talk' to each other and still access many of the benefits mentioned above. 

3. Use the Salesforce/AWS Partnership - Salesforce now offers Service Cloud Voice which "can connect with the telephony partner of your choice or you can purchase or purchase pre-integrated out-of-the-box telephony from Amazon Connect.

All have their pros and cons including pricing, scalability, redundancy etc. What may seem cheaper now may cost you a lot more later!

Either way, integrating Salesforce with your call centre is a decent project in trying to procure and set up a new system and you will most likely need professional help from someone who specialises in this space. Once you start going down a particular path it's very difficult and costly to change/exit so it's worth more of an investment upfront in ensuring you are making the right choice.

Remember, all vendors will tell you their solution is perfect until you can prove otherwise! 

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