Australian Outsourcers with Offshore options

Below you will find a list of Australian based call centre outsourcers (also known as Business Process Outsourcers or BPO's) that provide call centre services in Australia, but also provide options for sending some or all of your calls overseas/offshore.

Why send some or all of your call centre work offshore?

Primarily the attraction for businesses is to send their call centre work offshore to save costs with countries like the Philippines, South Africa and even New Zealand offering substantially lower costs to run the same size contact centre in Australia. 

Having a local BPO call centre provider who also has operations offshore can be beneficial in a number of ways including:

  • Have some calls handled in Australia and some overseas (e.g. high-value customers answered in Australia with lower-value customers handled overseas)
  • When quality is critical, you can start operations here in Australia, where you can touch, experience and visit the centre, and once a level of quality is achieved, you can start to migrate calls over to reduce your costs.
  • Still have everything based overseas but know that there is an entire team and centre based in Australia that can provide support as required.

Of course, there are a lot of other factors to consider other than just cost and you can read more about them, along with the pros and cons of each location in the completely free and vendor-agnostic Australian Call Centre Outsourcing Guide >

The best of both worlds

As businesses become better at customer segmentation, the opportunities to deliver customer service based on customer value becomes increasingly important.

For example, in the airline industry, you could have your Bronze Frequent Flyer calls handled in the Philippines and keep your Gold and Silver Frequent Flyer calls in Australia.

But segmentation doesn't just have to be based on customer value. Lots of businesses segment calls based on the call type. For example, send the easier types of calls overseas where it's cheaper to handle and keep the harder calls here in Australia. 

Many of the outsourcers below provide a test-and-learn environment where they can start providing the service here in Australia, and then, whilst working with you,  they can refine the technology, training and processes and slowly transition services offshore as the experience reaches a minimum standard. 

Need some help?

If you need some help sourcing the right solution for your business, use our free industry service and we'll provide you with a shortlist of recommended suppliers that are the best fit for your business saving you a heap of time, money and stress!

Search outsourcers below with offshore options

There are lots of methods where a combined on and offshore call centre strategy can work - just reach out to the suppliers below and they'll be happy to discuss the options with you. 

If you would like to find suppliers just in a specific location, you can search by outsourcers in each of the key outsourcing countries like the Philippines, South Africa, New Zealand, Fiji etc - just use the filter below to only show suppliers in that country.