CloudWave was born out of the market need for innovative, open API, leading-edge engineering in the new era of Cloud Communication and Customer Experience technology.

We specialise in Contact Centre and Customer Experience including all ancillary services such as Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Machine Learning, Work Force Management, Quality Management and Analytics.

As a technology company, we have built what we believe to be the best Cloud Contact Centre platform in the market, CloudWave Neon, with a zero upfront delivery model called Lightspeed! We've removed the barrier to entry for a large portion of the market who deserve access to enterprise-grade technology.

The CloudWave Neon Platform with lightspeed delivery gives you everything you need on day 1 including:

Call Distribution


Skills Based ROuting

Auto Attendant

Call Reason Codes


Flow Management

Agent Presence

Tailored Dashboards

Address Book

Call History

Once we have you up and running with this work from anywhere cloud solution, we can take you on the journey of Automation with voice and chat bots, Call deflection, Machine Learning, Analytics, knowledge management and more.

It's a no upfront cost model with support included that's taking the Contact Centre technology world by storm.

Since early 2013 we've amassed over 50 mission-critical diverse contact centres under our management, we are proud to be recognised as a “Go to partner” for any new cloud contact centre project. Large scale clients such as DHL, Electrolux, The Opera House, Zurich Insurance, Tyro, Console, Reckon Software & the Sydney Opera House choose CloudWave to support their contact centre technology needs.

Our culture is curious and vibrant. Service is our heart and soul. Our 24/7 NOC ensures our other mantra is upheld “It’s not what happens before the sale it’s what happens after that counts”. Fun, passion & meticulous diligence in getting the job done are principles for all CloudWave staff to live by. Come and join us on the journey!

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Primary Office Address: Shop 2/333 Pacific Highway North Sydney

Office Address 2: 11/22 Market Street, Sydney NSW, Australia

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